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How to save money on your electricity bill.

I get asked quite a bit about how to save money on electricity bills and with the price of electricity these days I thought I would make a list of the things that I think people can benefit from the most.

  1. Bypass your electricity meter, why pay for electricity in the first place when you can simply bypass the meter.

  2. No.1 is a joke and is illegal, do not do this.

  3. My first serious recommendation would be to check that your lamps are all energy efficient LEDs, you would be surprised at how many old halogens are still in the home (usually in the form of MR16 down light bulbs). so get them checked.

  4. If you have an off peak rate then take advantage of it, use your dishwasher & washing machine during these hours.

  5. Use your washing machine on a lower temperature.

  6. Consider using smart technology such as Googles Nest Thermostat and smart appliances.

  7. Have a smart meter installed to monitor your energy usage.

So these are just some small ideas to think about, there are obviously a-lot more things that you could consider such as solar panel generation but the majority of people will benefit from the few things I have mentioned above.

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