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Extractor fan installation in Horsham - The Process

One of the most popular jobs we get asked to do as electricians are extractor fan installations and we replace and install extractor fans on a weekly basis. If you do not have a good extraction system your bathroom will be susceptible to condensation mould, you must keep the air moving in order to combat this.

Here are some pictures of a fan we installed from scratch for one of our customers in Horsham, hopefully, you can get an idea of the process and what's involved.

Stage 1 Preparation

Decide the best location for the fan, prepare the area with dust sheets and protection.

Stage 2 - Wiring

Holes must be cut in the ceiling for the cable in this case as there is no access from above.

The tile has also been drilled before going through with the core drill to keep the cuts clean and tidy.

Stage 3 - The core hole

Big and noisy 100mm core hole for the ducting.

Final Stage - completion

After the wiring and core drilling have been done we 2nd fix the fan and isolator, fix the cable route holes, and issue a minor works certificate.

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