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EICR finds from last year.

EICRs are an excellent way to determine the condition of your electrical installation. check out some of the things I found during last years EICRs and the code that I would have given them.

To be fair to all customers and to keep consistency across the process, I generally use the NAPIT code breakers book to determine which code to give in certain situations. As a NAPIT member I feel this is the best and most honest way to deliver an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

An old Hager consumer unit with gaps in the cover. You can easily fit a finger in the gap so this would have been given a C2 Code.

The suspected junction box under the floorboards. You would usually suspect this when you get poor readings on the test meter in older houses. This would have been a C2 but the customer decided to have the whole house rewired.

This is the most ridiculous consumer unit I have ever came across. Cover missing and nowhere to be seen, mounted at an angle, holes in the bottom and top, very easy access to live parts, C1 code for something as silly as this. This has all been rectified by myself now and thankfully nobody got hurt, just in time.

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