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Consumer unit replacement in Horsham - The Process

We recently conducted an EICR on a property on Horsham High Street. After conducting the report we found that on the old fusebox, someone had replaced the fuses with retro-fit MCBs. The MCBs must have been much bigger than the original fuses as there was a cover over them that had been removed and lost, this created a space where I was able to get my voltage tester inside and touch live parts of the fusebox without even removing the cover.

Upon completion of the EICR I suggested to the landlord that they replace the fusebox with an RCBO consumer unit, this would also rectify some of the other issues found on the EICR. This post is to give you an idea of the process and what is involved with replacing a fusebox with a consumer unit.

The original fusebox.

This is what it looked like inside when the cover was off.

Time to start disconnecting and labeling the circuits. The cup of tea is essential as no work can be done without one. It is Yorkshire biscuit tea if you are wondering.

The point of no return.

Reconnection of the circuits. I installed a Piranha lock ring on the sub-main as it utilizes the armour as earth, I was able to bring down the Zdb reading by doing this.

Labeling, I'm not a big fan of the labels that come with the consumer units so I always print my own.

And as Gordon Ramsay would say Consumer unit upgrade, Done!

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